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Getting the Secret Sauce of Climate Communication

A few universal tips for success from great communicators, whatever their medium.

Multidisciplinary problem-solving

Purpose: Teaching a collaborative problem-solving course with business and biology graduate students
Audience: Faculty who want to develop a consulting-based course
Information included: Evaluation, course syllabus, and description for prospective clients

7 Tidbits for Better Blogging

Kevin Krizek retrojects for the Leopold community some tips on blogging effectively; including "keep it simple" and "write to your reader".


   Purpose: Strategizing

Mindmapping is a tool to use when exploring an idea or concept in depth.   Peter Redstone and Martin Bloxham shared it as part of the strategic thinking sessions for the Leopold Leadership training.

Lessons from the Blogosphere: An Ecologist's Perspective

2008 Leopold fellow Luis Zambrano offers insights on the motivation behind starting a blog as an ecologist, and shares his personal editorial standards and practices as a blogger.