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Crafting usable knowledge for sustainable development

We argued in this paper that there is a learnable skill to crafting usable knowledge for sustainable development. Relevant lessons have emerged from a combination of field experience and scholarly study over the last several decades, but are not generally included in the training of professional researchers.

A Vision for Research: Revisited

What makes a good vision statement?

5 Steps to a Kick-Ass Presentation

In my yearlong exploration of science communication, I focused on learning more about communication in the forms of: storytelling, presenting, and design. Here I focus on the skills I have found to be useful in creating impactful presentations.

Developing Relationships Is Important Work: It Supports All the Other Work

Kate Knuth explains the idea of "Relationship before Task" and how to ground transformational work in great relationships, which offer both support and well-meaning accountability.

5 Essential Elements of Impactful Design

Design can make the difference between an impactful message and a forgotten claim. Design is not decoration, but rather plays a functional and organizational role in delivering a message.