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Program presenters

Skill sessions on various topics will be facilitated by program directors, faculty, and fellowship directors.  Topics include:

  • Facilitation 101:  Meeting and workshop design and facilitation tips
  • Boundary spanning:  What is it and what are the skills needed?
  • Communications: Techniques for training graduates
  • Leading interdisciplinary collaborations: What's "Team Science?"
  • Systems thinking: Sharing a curriculum that works
  • and more...


Facilitators include:

Angela Bednarek, Project Director and Katie Curran, Environmental Sciences, Pew Charitable Trusts

Elena Bennett, (2011) Leopold Leadership Fellow, McGill University

Jill Caviglia-Harris(2013) Leopold Leadership Fellow, Salisbury University

Simon Donner, (2009) Director, Ocean Leaders Program, University of British Columbia

Chris Field, (2000) Director, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford University

Kathy Galvin(2001) Leopold Leadership Fellow, Colorado State University

Brian Helmuth(2005) Leopold Leadership Fellow, Northeastern University

Sarah Hobbie(2008) Leopold Leadership Fellow, University of Minnesota 

Margaret Krebs, Director, Leopold Leadership Program, Stanford University

Kristi Kremers, Director of Graduate Leadership Programs, Institute for the Environment, University of Minnesota

Karen Lips(2005) Leopold Leadership Fellow, University of Maryland

Meg Lowman,(2006) Director of Global Initiatives, California Academy of Sciences

Aaron Strong, Faculty, Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions, University of Maine

David Syncox, Graduate Education Initiatives, Teaching and Learning Services, McGill University

Alan Townsend (2001) Faculty lead, Research & Innovation Faculty Fellows Leadership program, University of Colorado, Boulder

Diana Wall (1999) and Aleta WellerSustainability Leaders Fellows Program, Colorado State University


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