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What's new?

Celebrating 20 years 
For the past two decades, the Leopold Leadership Program has helped promising mid-career researchers find their voices and discover better strategies for influencing the issues they care about most. More than 200 fellows from over 80 universities and organizations have completed the program since it began. They are now actively involved in sustainability initiatives locally, nationally, and globally.
We’ve adapted the program as the socio-environmental, technological, and political landscape has shifted. Fellows’ influence can be seen on farms, ranches, fisheries, water treatment plants, and in various decision-making arenas. We’ve learned that cross-disciplinary and cross-sector collaboration requires ongoing engagement to develop trusting relationships and work side-by-side with boundary-spanning organizations.
Forging new directions 
In light of the need to meet the demand, we are shifting our emphasis to the development of teams or networks of researchers within the same university.  To make this transition effectively, we will extend the interval between cohorts in order to focus on development of a new facet of the Leopold program. We will not be putting out a call for a new cohort at this time.
During this pause between cohorts we are taking steps to co-design our relationship with university partners. We are excited this model will allow more researchers to take advantage of the learning gained from 20 years of Leopold training and network building.  Our approach will sustain Leopold’s philosophy and outcomes, but at a larger and potentially exponential scale.  
Cultivating new networks of boundary-spanning leaders
Our intent is to share what we have learned while co-designing and prototyping cutting-edge approaches with university partners.  We are offering our collective leadership framework and a resource portal with references, how-to-guides, and specific practices for collective leadership.  Please use the resources and send us your feedback and suggestions.