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Leadership Teach-In Agenda

Facilitated by Leopold Leadership Advisory Board

Tuesday, May 29

Time Session Lead
1:30pm Registration  



New directions for Leopold Leadership Program
Sustainability leadership: Connecting to the global landscape
Sarah Hobbie
Chris Field
Josh Tewksbury
  Building a common leadership language through stories 7 narrative authors
  Skill session #1 4 topics
  Break and dinner  
Evening Panel: Designing graduate and faculty leadership programs  

Wednesday, May 30 

8:30am Opening Sarah Hobbie
Morning Skill session #2 4 topics
  Skill session #3 4 topics
  Reflecting & Debriefing University teams/small groups
  Envisioning our network potentiality Small groups sessions
Evening World Cafe  

Thursday, May 31

8:30 Opening Sarah Hobbie
Morning Planning groups: Building proposals for whole group feedback  
Noon Program ends   

The workshop will be followed by an afternoon and evening meeting of ANGLES,  A Network for Graduate Leadership in Sustainability.