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Translating knowledge into action

“Collective leadership is critical in our transition to a sustainable planet; yet we underinvest in helping researchers to cross boundaries. The Leopold Leadership Program seeks to enable current scientists to lead systems change like never before.”  

Chris Field, Director, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment and Faculty Director of Leopold Leadership Program (Fellow in 2000)


What is Collective Leadership? Watch new video to find out!

In this new video, Leopold fellows explain the various dimensions inherent in our vision of collective leadership.

Featured Resources

Have you read Dr. Gabriele Bammer's blog Integration and Implementation Insights? It's full of valuable resources related to Leopold's collective leadership framework.

Collective Leadership Framework

Addressing today's environmental and sustainability challenges calls for new forms of individual and collective leadership.  The Leopold Leadership Program has adapted the concept and dimensions of this framework to help academic environmental leaders become agent of change within and beyond their universities.

Why Collective Leadership? We are embracing a leadership model that encourages individuals to cross boundaries and work collaboratively to transform systems.  This collective leadership model is well-suited to academic researchers who rely on broad networks to advance sustainability.