September Program overview

Program Overview

Friday, September 9 (Dress: Business casual)

• Uncovering our theories of change

Science - practice interaction:  Many ways to make a difference

Susi Moser


Science, Politics, and Congress

Looking at the Science-Policy Interface from the inside and outside of government

• Background on Beaufort Sea case study

Michael Rodemeyer

Shere Abbott

Matt Armsby

Evening Politics and Science Jane Lubchenco
Saturday, September 10 (Dress: Business for testimony and casual for dialogue)
All day

• Giving testimony

Being in and facilitating dialogue


Peri Chickering

Evening Marcia McNutt, Director of USGS  
Sunday, September 11 (Dress: Casual)
Morning Negotiations 101 Janet Martinez
Afternoon Multi-stakeholder case study - Marine Spatial Planning in Beaufort Sea 
Monday, September 12 (Dress: Business)



From Information to Inspiration: Utilizing social engagement tools to succeed as a 21st century scientist

• Preparing for appointments

Shannon Crownover, VP of Communications, Ocean Conservancy

Chad English

10:30 Appointments
Afternoon Appointments and/or coachingNancy, Peter, Martin
Evening Journalist dinner and panel  Nancy Baron and Journalists
Tuesday, September 13 Dress: Business



1:30 • Exchanging stories about appointments
• Facilitation refresh


Peter and Martin

Evening Time management discussion

Wednesday, September 14 Dress: Casual

• Creating action plans:  individual & network

• Closing at noon (Box lunches available)

Peter, Martin


Pam Sturner