Fellows' perspectives: Using social media (2012 All Cohort reunion)


At the 2012 All-Cohort Reunion, Liz Neeley facilitated a one-day workshop:  Message Box and Beyond: Finding your voice in social media. In the video, you will hear Chris Field, Tom Sisk, Josh Schimel, and Luis Zambrano as they discuss their thoughts with other fellows at the reunion.

See alsoPresentation and resources from the workshop

Fellows' perspectives: Using social media (Google Science Communication program)


Video clip of Google Science Communciation Fellows discussing social media from various perspectives:

Here is the whole video taken at Google headquarters in June 2011

Video resources: 4 player system


Short video clips from the 2012 All Cohort Reunion workshop:

Tool:  4 player system

Conversation:  Should Leopold Leadership Fellows translate science into action or move towards advocacy?

Analysis:  Deconstructing the conversation applying the 4 player system