Working with Congress

Jumping into the policy puddle


Article by Allison Leidner, a graduate student at Dept of Biology, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC about ways graduate students in science can gain experience interacting with policy makers.


Preparing for DC meetings


Packet of workshop materials that include:

• Guidelines for setting up appointments in DC

• Presentation developed by Chad English on writing a one-pager and setting up meetings (2010 All Cohort Reunion)

• Guidelines for writing a one-pager

You may also want to look at the sample one-pagers from the 2009 cohort and the AAAS resource "17 Cardinal Rules for Working with Congress."

Sample one pagers


Sample one-pagers written by 2009 Fellows as part of a session facilitated by Chad English.

Working with Congress Online: Web Resources for Scientists and Engineers


Jim Jensen, Director of Congressional and Governmental Affairs for The National Academies, has worked with the Leopold Leadership Program coaching Fellows before "mock hearings." Jim and many other policy experts contributed to this AAAS website, a go-to resource for preparing to set up a meeting on Capitol Hill, follow up, and/or prepare for a hearing.

You may also want to look at the sample one-pagers developed by 2009 Fellows and the presentation on preparing for meetings in DC developed for the September 2011 training by Chad English.