Teaching and Training Resources

Preparing for DC meetings


Packet of workshop materials that include:

• Guidelines for setting up appointments in DC

• Presentation developed by Chad English on writing a one-pager and setting up meetings (2010 All Cohort Reunion)

• Guidelines for writing a one-pager

You may also want to look at the sample one-pagers from the 2009 cohort and the AAAS resource "17 Cardinal Rules for Working with Congress."

Reading list for courses in science and environmental communication


Matt Nisbet, Associate Professor at American University School of Communication, frequently presents science communications research to Leopold Leadership Fellows.  His reading list cited here is from his blog, ClimateShift.

You can find his presentations on our website:

Running a Departmental Retreat


Karen Holl provided these tips about running department retreats and meetings most efficiently during the Curriculum Resource Exchange session at the 2012 All Cohort Reunion.

Sample one pagers


Sample one-pagers written by 2009 Fellows as part of a session facilitated by Chad English.

Science Communications Curriculum Resource Exchange: 2012 All Cohort Reunion


Resources for Science Communications presented at the Curriculum Resource Exchange session at the 2012 All Cohort Reunion.

Leah Gerber: 

• Environmental Leadership and Communication(Graduate seminar at Arizona State University)

Tom Hayden: 

• Better Communication through Collaboration (Project-based course at Stanford)

• Generation Anthropocene(Student-driven interview-based podcast series at Stanford)

Julia Parrish: 

• Science Communication Education at University of Washington

Science Talk Rant


A blog post and resources on how to make science presentations more memorable and effective by focusing on storytelling.

Also see these resources that Alan recommends:
Fight the Power(point)! by Todd Reubold
Slides That Rock

Social media to reduce management burdens


Social media tools to help reduce administration and management burdens for course teaching (Also, visit the COMPASS Wiki site)

Strategic thinking worksheets: June 2011


Handouts from the strategic thinking exercise presented during the June 2011 training by Martin Bloxham and Peter Redstone (website has presentation slides and facilitators' bios).

Handouts from the leading change sessions are also available (including HBDI, gearbox, mindmapping, and Switch).

Structured conversation


Notes and questions that offer a way to create a structured discussion on the questionHow to play (tactics, pitfalls) the “public intellectual” without stepping over the line to losing the objectivity of academia?

Andy organized this discussion for a clinic at the June 2012 All Cohort Reunion.  He posted it in the Leopold Leadership 3.0 blog as well.

Sustaining Action: Research, Analysis and Writing for the Public


Course syllabus taught by Tom Hayden at Stanford, which presents a unique opportunity for students to engage directly with the public on issues of environmental sustainability and to help bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and public action.