Practice Year & Final Session

In the year between their training sessions, Fellows practice new skills at their home institutions or in other venues to learn what works — and what doesn’t work — in furthering their vision for change. Activities may include:

  • Developing a repertoire of communications tools 
  • Developing stories that connect their research with their life experience;
  • Experimenting with social media;
  • Writing a blog post;
  • Interviewing for information to fill gaps in their network needed to fulfill their vision for change;
  • Incorporating what they’ve learned about collaboration, innovation, and communication into their work mentoring students and postdocs; and
  • Expanding their skills in facilitating interdisciplinary groups.

Fellows are on the leading edge of developing the practices that are needed for complex problem-solving; they are, in many ways, critical resources to each other. As a network, the Fellows provide powerful ongoing support to each other. During the practice year they organize periodic check-ins in pairs or small groups to remind themselves of the short- and long-term goals they set for themselves in their action plans. Fellows are responsible for managing their time in order to engage fully in learning from their practice.

The following June, the Fellows reconvene in a final session to report back, integrate their learning from the practice year, and articulate to each other their refined vision for linking knowledge to action. An outcome of the experience is that Fellows are better able to decide where, when, and how to engage for the greatest impact in furthering their vision for change.