California Delta Science Progam Seeks Lead Scientist

California Delta Science Progam Seeks Lead Scientist

Institution California Delta Stewardship Council Discipline Aquatic or Ecosystem Science Type of position

The U.S. Geological Survey and the California Delta Stewardship Council are seeking an internationally recognized aquatic or ecosystem scientist to become the Lead Scientist of the Delta Science Program.  The Lead Scientist leads the Delta Science Program and is the principal liaison between the Science Program, the Delta Independent Science Board (ISB) and the DSC. The Lead Scientist works to implement the activities of the Delta Science Plan.

The Lead Scientist:
• Provides an independent voice for Bay-Delta Science, particularly on difficult issues that could compromise scientists employed by other entities;
• Ensures the Delta Science Program is the ‘honest broker’ of science;
• Maintains adequate fire-walls and independence on issues to ensure trust and the integrity of the scientific process is maintained;
• Prepares with others and delivers an Annual State-of-Science Address;
• Oversees activities called for in the Delta Science Plan as well as the development of the Science Action Agenda and State of Bay Delta Science as identified in the Delta Science Plan;
• Oversees periodic updates of the Delta Science Plan and ensures the Delta Plan encapsulates scientific developments;
• Briefs the Council as well as other senior state and federal staff and legislators on scientific issues;
• Oversees a program of research grants and fellowships;
• Oversees the independent scientific review of federal and state agency activities in the Delta;
• Motivates, advises, and mentors Science Program staff.

An important aspect of the job includes developing, leading and sustaining dialogues and public discussions of technical issues among the stakeholder community, managers and directors of implementing agencies, and academic researchers.

THE INDIVIDUAL: The successful candidate will hold an advanced degree in a field related to water or ecosystem science and at least 10 years’ experience as an academic practicing scientist or engineer. This individual will have a proven track record of project management involving five or more other professionals with varying expertise. This individual will have a strong record of scientific research and publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals. This individual will also have demonstrated experience advising high-level managers in science-based decision-making and will have the capability to guide the application of an adaptive management process to resource management policy decisions in the Delta.

THE APPOINTMENT: The Lead Scientist is secured through a multi-year appointment with the U.S. Geological Survey. The appointment can be either (1) an assignment to the USGS from any public, university or non-profit institution via the Intergovernmental Personnel Act Mobility Program; or (2) as a USGS position. The Lead Scientist will work at the DSC, Delta Science Program office in Sacramento, California.
For more information on how to apply, contact Michelle Shouse (

Submitted by Elizabeth Canuel
Virginia Institute of Marine Science
May 13, 2014
Deadline Open until filled