The finalization of our new strategic plan marked a watershed moment for the Leopold Leadership Program in 2011-2012. The product of data, analysis, and advice from Fellows, Advisory Board members, leaders at Stanford, and other key stakeholders, the plan integrates our learning from the past five years about what is needed to link scientific knowledge to action on sustainability in a rapidly changing world. At its heart lies a new way of working: harnessing the collective intelligence of the Leopold Leadership Network to ensure that best practices on leadership are shared and continue to evolve as needs emerge -- for network members, their collaborators across sectors, and the Leopold Leadership Program itself.

Under the strategic plan, Fellows contribute to the ongoing sustainability of the program through a variety of roles. In keeping with this vision, and with current best practices on nonprofit governance, the program moved to a model of networked governance. There are three co-directors with staggered, two-year terms and two committees of Fellows to advise staff on core program strategy as follows:

  • The Advisory Board provides vision, monitors progress against the strategic plan, and connects the program within Stanford.
  • The Selection Subcommittee advises on selection policy questions and assists the Selection Jury.