July 2009

What's New

Paul Beier wrote: "In April 2009, I became President-Elect of the Society for Conservation Biology. My term as President will run 2011-2013." He was also interviewed in July by the Discovery Channel about likely impacts of the United States-Mexico border fence on threatened species.

Martin Doyle was named a 2009 Guggenheim Fellow.

Steven Handel was awarded the 2009 National Award of Honor for Research by the American Society for Landscape Architects. It recognizes his work in understanding ecological restoration processes in enhancing the design of natural landscapes. He also received a National Planning Excellence Award for Innovation in Regional Planning from the American Planning Association for his role in the design and development of the Orange County Great Park in California.

Bob Howarth chairs the International SCOPE Biofuels Project. In April 2009, the project released its first report, a rapid assessment overview of how biofuels affect global change and environmental quality. Howarth is the lead editor of this 17-chapter report, which was prepared by 75 scientists from 21 nations. The full document is available at http://cip.cornell.edu/biofuels/.

Emir José Macari gave a preview and commentary about President Obama’s March 10 speech on education for OBSNews.com.

Nalini Nadkarni gave a TED talk in February about conserving the rainforest canopy by working with diverse partnerships.

Martin Sharp wrote: "I just taught a half day workshop on communicating science to non-scientists for 10 graduate students working in Arctic regions (using the message box -- thanks Nancy!). First time I've done this and I really enjoyed it -- it made me think a lot more about my own abilities to communicate. Half a day was too short, so I want to do it again.
I'm heavily involved in writing part of an assessment of the Arctic cryosphere for the Arctic Council, and in plans to restructure the International Arctic Science Committee, so that can be a more effective player in Arctic science -- especially assessment oriented Arctic science.

Scott Swinton wrote: "In a December 2008 PNAS article with entomologist Doug Landis and others, we calculated the economic value of landscape changes that reduce habitat for the natural enemies of crop pests. The article title tells the story, "Increasing Corn for Biofuel Production Reduces Biocontrol Services in Agricultural Landscapes." This article is related to a new line of inquiry into the potential effects of large-scale production of energy crops to make cellulosic ethanol (Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center, with U.S. Dept of Energy support)."

On July 1 Nancy Targett became dean of the new College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment at the University of Delaware. Its mission is to “advance understanding of Earth’s natural systems and the interactions of humans with the environment through engaged interdisciplinary research, teaching, and outreach.”

Events and Opportunities

Save the date: Leopold Leadership All-Cohorts Reunion, June 20-23, 2010, at Stanford