Leopold Leadership Video Project

Welcome to the Leopold Leadership Video Project!


The request:

An outcome of the All Cohort Reunion in June was a Fellow-driven project to create 2-minute videos that will reach audiences who don't follow traditional media and engage them about why environment matters. A catalyst was a request from Gov. Jerry Brown to help bring home the importance of environmental change and other environmental threats to Californians and refocus the policy discussion on solutions. 

Some of the videos will be posted on the California Office of Planning and Research website; all will be posted on YouTube and the Leopold Leadership Program website, and the idea is that they will be a resource to be used broadly. You don't have to be working in California or focused on environmental change to participate. All topics and geographic locations are welcome. The deadline is November 1.


To participate:

Make a 2-minute video on a Mac, iPhone, or videocamera answering these questions:

  • Who are you? Where do you live or where are you from?
  • In the past year, what's the one issue with regard to environmental quality that has raised the most concern for you?
  • What gives you the most hope that this issue can be resolved successfully?

General tips:

  • Have a graduate student or postdoc from your lab interview you, or pair up with another Leopold Leadership Fellow and interview each other
  • Wear solid colors
  • Avoid noisy or distracting jewelry
  • Scout your location
    • Check the background. Get rid of clutter; move away from distractions.
    • Record in a quiet place
    • Make sure your face is well lit
  • Make sure the camera lens is roughly at eye level
  • Make sure the place where you record has as little echo as possible


To make your video:

Here are instructions for making videos using a Mac, an iPhone 4, and a videocamera.

Campus communications offices and students are great resources if you need help making or editing your video.


To send in your video:

  1. Visit http://vimeo.com/log_in . Log in using the email "Leopold.Leadership@gmail.com" and password "Leopoldvideos2012"
  2. Click "Upload a video."
  3. Click "Choose a Video to Upload."
  4. Choose your video file on your desktop.
  5. Click "Upload Selected Videos." The setting is currently set private, so videos are only available for those who have this Leopold password. Please do NOT change the setting
  6. Fill in the "Basic info" fields. Make sure to give your video a title and write a brief description of the content.
  7. After finishing uploading your video, log out. (Hover the cursor over "Me," right next to the Vimeo logo on the gray top navigation banner. The link for "Log out" will appear at the right corner.)