wildlife ecology

September 4, 2009

An appeal to save amphibians

Karen Lips

Amphibians play an important role in regulating ecosystems and benefit people in ways that are just being discovered, including controlling insects that spread disease. With one third of all amphibian species endangered, a strong U.S. conservation policy is needed to protect them, says Karen Lips (2005). Read her op-ed in the Baltimore Sun.


July 15, 2009

Florida county urged to eradicate exotic reptiles

Margaret Lowman

Following the strangling death of a two-year-old child by a Burmese python, Meg Lowman (2006) urged Sumter County officials to eradicate exotic reptiles. She has been studying the impact of nonnative reptiles such as pythons, Nile monitors, and spiny-tailed lizards in Florida and last year warned the state about the rising threat they pose to wildlife and humans. Read the opinion pieces in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune and the Lakeland Ledger.