research policy

Terri Lomax

North Carolina State University, Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies

February 10, 2011

Call to refocus research after Gulf oil spill

Selina Heppell

photo: NASA

Scientists can't measure recovery from last year's oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico because they lack baseline data on marine life there. That's why Selina Heppell (2006) and others argue that research needs to prioritize finding such baseline data on protected species so scientists can track individual populations.


November 30, 2010

Shorter time horizon needed for renewable fuels

Debbie Niemeier

photo: mkw87

At current rates of research and investment, oil will run out 90 years before renewable energy technology exists to replace it, according to a new study co-authored by Debbie Niemeier (2005). The prediction is based on the theory that long-term investments can predict when new technologies will become common. To close the gap, Niemeier said a push is needed from policy to speed the development of renewable energy technologies.