Graduate Student Portal

Welcome to the Graduate Student Portal!   

This portal, designed for graduate students and postdocs who are pursuing environmental research, provides a gateway to opportunities beyond the classroom and research lab.  It is continuously updated and draws upon information contributed by a collection of universities and collaborations such as:

• Leopold Leadership Fellows

Monterey Area Research Institutions' Network for Education (MARINE)

Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources at Stanford (E-IPER)

Karen Lips Lab, University of Maryland

Global Environmental Change Organization (GECO), Oregon State University

Bev Law Lab, TERRA-PNW, Oregon State University

Laurie Chan Lab, Center for Advanced Research in Environmental Genomics (CAREG), University of Ottawa

Liz Hadly Lab, Stanford

Gretchen Hofmann Lab, UC Santa Barbara

Jessica Hellmann Lab, University of Notre Dame

Environmental Change Initiative, University of Notre Dame


What can you do?

• Find Fellowships

Identify funding sources for internship experiences or grants in policy, communications, conservation...

• Find Positions

Information about open positions within academic institutions, foundations, NGOs, and corporations are listed until filled.  If we are not contacted, the posting will be removed after six months.

• Contribute

Add a new fellowship or position.

Share your personal experience about a specific program.