Martin Bloxham

Consultant, The Barefoot Partnership Ltd.

The Barefoot Partnership Ltd.

Martin Bloxham has worked as a freelance UN consultant for over 8 years during which time he has been involved in a range of successful international and national projects for organisations such as UNDP, UNIDO, UNOPS, FAO, IAEA and the Global Environment Facility (GEF).

Since Sept 2008 he has also been working with the Barefoot Partnership Ltd in the UK to help build their Sustainable Development practice.

Predominantly, Martin has been working in the strategic sustainable development of shared water resources including rivers such as the Dnipro, the Kura Aras, the Okavango, and the Niger, and marine areas including the Black Sea, the Guinea Current and the Gulf of Mexico. His work has focused on the development of systems analysis and strategic development tools including the Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis/Strategic Action Programme (TDA/SAP) approach.

His overall role as a lead consultant in these projects has been to deliver high quality, cost effective technical and policy documents, and facilitate and advise the respective regional senior scientific and policy experts. The role requires significant diplomatic skills, an ability to work in a stepwise manner to tight deadlines and the capability to pull disparate groups of individuals into coherent management structures.

In conjunction with this work, he has also the main author of the UNDP/GEF TDA/SAP training course, which he currently delivers to both transboundary river basin and Large Marine Ecosystem (LME) projects around the world.

Furthermore, Martin has been involved in a number of successful research and commercial funding bids in the region of $12 million including the UNDP/UNIDO Full Sized Project for the Sustainable Development of the Gulf of Mexico LME ($4,545,000), for which he was project developer.

His lecturing and communication skills are excellent and he is well used to training a range of stakeholder groups, from business and commercial organisations through to high-level government officials and scientists. Martin has been principle author of 13 peer-reviewed papers and has also been either editor or author of 11 international TDA and SAP documents.