Nancy Baron

Director of Science Outreach

Communication Partnership for Science and the Sea (COMPASS)

Nancy Baron, a zoologist and an award-winning science writer, is the lead communications trainer for the Aldo Leopold Leadership Program. Her work focuses on helping environmental scientists translate their work effectively to journalists, the public and policy makers. She and her team keep their fingers on the pulse of important marine conservation science and have instituted a scientists' network that tracks science through its various stages of inception and development. When important new science is published, she helps the scientists translate their results and hone their messages to be more readily understood and relevant. She also leads communications training workshop for a variety of institutions and professional affiliations for academic scientists, graduate students and post docs. Her field guide, “Birds of the Pacific Northwest Coast” published by Lone Pine Publishing in1997, is a top selling beginners’ guide to birding. She is currently writing a scientist's practical guide to communicating with journalists and policymakers, which will be published by Island Press in the spring of 2010.