Fellows Directory

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Last Namesort icon Organization Topics
Power Alison Cornell University agriculture / aquaculture
Pratson Lincoln Duke University energy
Princen Thomas University of Michigan economics, land use, natural resource management, sustainability, urban issues
Rabalais Nancy Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium freshwater
Radeloff Volker University of Wisconsin-Madison natural resource management
Reddy Christopher Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution energy, freshwater, oceans & coasts
Reed Denise The Water Institute of the Gulf (Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of New Orleans) biodiversity, climate change, freshwater, natural resource management, oceans & coasts
Richmond Robert University of Hawaii, Manoa
Rikoon James (Sandy) University of Missouri-Columbia sustainability
Romero-Lankao Patricia National Center for Atmospheric Research climate change
Rubega Margaret University of Connecticut natural resource management
Sabo John Arizona State University fisheries, freshwater
Sala Enric Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) biodiversity, natural resource management, oceans & coasts
Sanchez-Azofeifa Arturo University of Alberta biodiversity, climate change, forests, natural resource management
Sax Dov Brown University biodiversity
Schaefer James Trent University biodiversity, forests, natural resource management
Schimel Joshua University of California, Santa Barbara biodiversity, climate change
Schlesinger William Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies air quality, climate change, energy, freshwater, land use, natural resource management, oceans & coasts, public health, urban issues
Schulte Moore Lisa Iowa State University agriculture / aquaculture, biodiversity, ecosystem services, land use
Schuur Ted Northern Arizona University climate change