Fellows Directory

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Last Namesort icon Organization Regions Topics
Matson Pamela Stanford University climate change
McCarty John University of Nebraska, Omaha agriculture & aquaculture, natural resource management
McGraw James West Virginia University biodiversity, climate change
McManus Margaret Anne University of Hawaii, Manoa biodiversity, land use, oceans & coasts
Meyerson Laura University of Rhode Island biodiversity
Micheli Fiorenza Stanford University biodiversity, natural resource management, oceans & coasts
Moore Janice Colorado State University land use
Moser Susanne Susanne Moser Research & Consulting climate change, environmental education, oceans & coasts, sustainability
Moss Richard Joint Global Change Research Institute climate change, oceans & coasts, public health
Murtugudde Raghu University of Maryland climate change
Nadkarni Nalini University of Utah
Naeem Shahid Columbia University agriculture & aquaculture, air quality, biodiversity, climate change, economics, energy, forests, freshwater, land use, natural resource management, oceans & coasts, public health, sustainability
Naiman Robert University of Washington freshwater, land use
Naylor Rosamond Stanford University agriculture & aquaculture
Niemeier Debbie University of California, Davis air quality, energy, land use, urban issues
Noon Barry Colorado State University biodiversity, land use
Norcross Brenda University of Alaska Fairbanks biodiversity, climate change, natural resource management, oceans & coasts, public health
Novak Paige University of Minnesota freshwater, toxic chemicals & hazardous waste
Ojima Dennis Colorado State University (Senior Scholar and co-Director of Mitigation Programs, Heinz Center) climate change
Padilla Dianna Stony Brook University agriculture & aquaculture, biodiversity, freshwater, oceans & coasts