Fellows Directory

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Last Namesort icon Organization Topics
Murtugudde Raghu University of Maryland climate change
Moss Richard Joint Global Change Research Institute climate change, oceans & coasts, public health
Moser Susanne Susanne Moser Research & Consulting climate change, environmental education, oceans & coasts, sustainability
Moore Janice Colorado State University land use
Micheli Fiorenza Stanford University biodiversity, natural resource management, oceans & coasts
Michalak Anna Carnegie Institution for Science
Meyerson Laura University of Rhode Island biodiversity
McPhee-Shaw Erika Western Washington University climate change, oceans & coasts
McManus Margaret Anne University of Hawaii, Manoa biodiversity, land use, oceans & coasts
McGraw James West Virginia University biodiversity, climate change
McCarty John University of Nebraska, Omaha agriculture / aquaculture, natural resource management
Mazari-Hiriart Marisa Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México freshwater, health, urban issues
Matson Pamela Stanford University climate change
Martinez del Rio Carlos University of Wyoming biodiversity, natural resource management, sustainability
Mallin Michael University of North Carolina at Wilmington freshwater, natural resource management, oceans & coasts
Maehr (Deceased) David University of Kentucky biodiversity, forests, land use, natural resource management
Macari Emir José University of New Orleans energy
Lowman Margaret California Academy of Sciences biodiversity, environmental education, forests
Lomax Terri North Carolina State University agriculture / aquaculture
Lodge David Cornell University biodiversity