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Last Name Organizationsort icon Topics
Chan Laurie University of Ottawa air quality, biodiversity, climate change, freshwater, natural resource management
Kassen Rees University of Ottawa biodiversity, health
Meyerson Laura University of Rhode Island biodiversity
Holland Elisabeth University of South Pacific climate change
Nadkarni Nalini University of Utah
Pataki Diane University of Utah
Graumlich Lisa University of Washington forests, land use, oceans & coasts, public health
Hartmann Dennis University of Washington biodiversity, economics, freshwater, natural resource management, oceans & coasts
Naiman Robert University of Washington freshwater, land use
Boersma P. Dee University of Washington biodiversity, oceans & coasts, public health
Parrish Julia University of Washington biodiversity, economics
Branch Trevor University of Washington fisheries, marine mammals, natural resource management
Lawler Joshua University of Washington biodiversity, climate change, land use, natural resource management
Olden Julian University of Washington
Gratton Claudio University of Wisconsin - Madison agriculture / aquaculture, ecosystem services, energy, land use
Townsend Philip University of Wisconsin-Madison forests
Patz Jonathan University of Wisconsin-Madison public health
Radeloff Volker University of Wisconsin-Madison natural resource management
Stanley Emily University of Wisconsin-Madison agriculture / aquaculture, freshwater, natural resource management
Holloway Tracey University of Wisconsin-Madison air quality