Karen Hodges

What's New:

I'm collaborating with government biologists on research on rare carnivores (esp Canada lynx) that use this region.  We're interested in developing better regional habitat connectivity and protection to support at-risk boreal carnivores and other taxa.

Associate Professor, Conservation Biology

University of British Columbia Okanagan

I am interested in how forestry activities and fire affect rare or at-risk wildlife species.  I work primarily in western forests and sage-steppe habitats. One major focus is on how snowshoe hares and bobcats respond to precommercial thinning patterns.  In sage-steppe habitats, I  interested in how species respond to loss of habitat.

I am also deeply interested in how critical habitat is designated under the U.S. Endangered Species Act and the Canadian Species at Risk Act, as designation requires a wide range of biological information and involves many stakeholders. I am a member of the Terrestrial Mammals Subcommittee of the Committee on the Status of Wildlife in Canada. Because she has worked on both sides of the U.S. - Canada border during her career, she is particularly interested in working on conservation issues that span political jurisdictions.