Kathleen Galvin

What's New:

We are asking dryland county governments and inhabitants in Mongolia and Kenya what they are doing to cope with environmental and climate changes and what they need in terms of research. In this opinion piece for the Huffington Post, I contemplate how their experiences could help inform climate change adaptation in dry regions of the US.


Professor, Department of Anthropology

Colorado State University

Dr. Kathleen Galvin has conducted interdisciplinary human ecological research in Africa for the past 15 years. She is interested in issues of African pastoral land use, adaptation, health, nutrition and strategies of coping with climate variability. Her current research explores the effects of climate variability on land use in southern Africa and in the U.S. Great Plains. She is also investigating strategies for balancing pastoral food security, biological conservation and ecosystem integrity in East Africa with use of integrated modeling and assessment system. This interdisciplinary research and the modeling systems have been used to consider different policy scenarios. Thus, Galvin is very interested in communicating the science to the different constituencies such as government ministries, national park personnel, local and international non-governmental agencies, international donors and local people.

Galvin is a member of the Human Biology Association, the American Anthropological Association, and the Society for Applied Anthropology.