Anne Chin

Professor, Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences

University of Colorado Denver


Anne Chin is a geomorphologist whose expertise includes the dynamics, morphology, and evolution of river systems. Her interdisciplinary research focuses on interactions and feedbacks among geomorphological, ecological, and human processes.  Her work on coupled human-landscape dynamics also concerns societal responses to landscape change, with implications and applications for environmental management and policy.  Dr. Chin has served in advisory capacities in collaborating directly with resource managers and environmental consultants to establish guidelines for restoring steep river channels.  The State of California has adopted these guidelines in implementing stream protection measures. She has also served as a consultant and an expert witness in legal cases involving the application of science to the law.

Dr. Chin joined the University of Colorado Denver in 2010, after serving on the faculty at Texas A&M University for 13 years. In 2006-2007, she was Director of the Geography and Spatial Sciences Program of the National Science Foundation. She was also appointed an Editor (2011-2013) of Earth-Science Reviews and Editor-in-Chief (since 2012) of Anthropocene.  She serves on numerous scientific advisory panels and recently completed service on the Committee on Challenges and Opportunities in Earth Surface Processes of the National Research Council. Dr. Chin’s awards include the G.K. Gilbert Award for Excellence in Geomorphological Research from the Association of American Geographers (AAG) and the Distinguished Achievement Award in Teaching and Scholar Award from Texas A&M. She is a member of the AAG, American Geophysical Union, European Geosciences Union, and Geological Society of America, where she is currently First Vice Chair of the Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division.​​