Robert Howarth

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I am working with government officials in New York, with NGOs from New York and across the globe, and with United Nations officials to help them understand the urgency of reducing methane emissions, the reasons not to develop shale gas, the problems with corn ethanol, and the positive alternatives available.  Renewable energy technologies have come a long way, and can make the world free of fossil fuels in short order, if there is political will and buy-in.

David R Atkinson Professor in Ecology & Environmental Biology

Cornell University

Dr. Robert Howarth chairs the International SCOPE Biofuels Project, is President of the Coastsal & Estuarine Research Federation, directs the Agrictural Ecosystems Program at Cornell University, and represents the State of New York on the science and technical advisory committee of the Chesapeake Bay Program.  Howarth is also the Founding Editor of the journal "Biogeochemistry" and served as Editor-in-Chief from 1983 to 2004.

Howarth's research program is focused broadly on the following topics:  the interaction of climate and land-use as regulators of nutrient flows from large watersheds;  the effects of biofuels on the environment;  deposition of nitrogen gases, particularly near vehicle and agricultural emission sources;  human alteraton of global and regional nitrogen and phosphorus cycles;  complex biogeochemical feedbacks that occur in estuaries during eutrophication;  and  the interaction of biotic, physical and biogeochemical factors as controls on nitrogen fixation.

Details are available at the web site for the Howarth/Marino lab: