Dialogue: The art and practice

This one day experiential training on Dialogue: The Art & Practice is designed to assist the 2011 cohort of Leopold Leadership Fellows to generate a foundational level of understanding in the domain of dialogic theory and practice.


What you will learn - This program will introduce you to the framework and tools of using a dialogic approach in many different contexts and situations. The session is designed as a combination of theory, learning, reflection, and application. In addition to learning some of the basics of Dialogue, the session will also introduce the concept of a “container”.   A container is a field of attention and energy that can hold various factors, including aggression, delicate nuances of meaning, subtle signals of cultures, qualities of character and relationship. All of us are building containers all the time, yet often are not aware of what it is we are doing and why we are doing it.  Much of the effectiveness of the art and practice of Dialogue involves developing a keen awareness to the quality of the container in any given situation so that you can navigate within it effectively.  You will be asked to bring concrete examples of current situations as practical cases, thus using some of the tools and skills directly and immediately.


The expected outcome - The session will be highly participative and is designed to deepen the Fellows leadership skills and expand their capacity to effectively engage with a wide range of stakeholders, either as individuals or within a team or group context.


Peri Chickering, PhD has a diverse range of skills and experience, including executive leadership, coaching, teaching, training and program development, and administration.  For several decades much of her time was spent in the third sector, engaging in NGO start-ups and development. As a professional mountaineer, wilderness guide, and experiential educator, she used both the outdoors and the indoors as classrooms, and traveled to many parts of the world creating and running wilderness based leadership experiences for individuals and groups. Peri worked in the former Soviet Union and several Eastern Block countries during the years of transition out of the Cold War as well as in South Africa through the final years of Apartheid. Part of this work included bringing the first group of Soviet youth into South Africa and the first tri-lateral exchange between Soviet, Hungarian, and Americans in the United States.  In addition, she served as associate professor in the Master of Nonprofit Management program at Regis University, and coordinated the Colorado Trust Fellowship, an initiative focused on building leadership throughout the non-profit sector of Colorado. For the last seven years Peri has taken her skill set and moved it primarily into the private and government sectors as a consultant, coach, and leadership educator.  Some of her recent client work includes British Petroleum, Renaissance Reinsurance, World Bank, International Finance Corporation and the US Forest Service.  Peri holds a Master’s Degree in Human Development and a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems from the Fielding Institute. 

About Dialogos

Dialogos International, LLC is a world leader and pioneer in developing dialogue and organizational learning practices. Our principals include originators and co-developers of many pivotal techniques, including organizational learning, dialogue, and dialogic process consultation, that have been influential in business and consulting practice. We conduct, produce and publish research related to dialogue, sustainability, and organizational learning (Kleiner, 1996; Isaacs, 1999; Hanig et al, 2002; Isaacs, 1999; Kleiner, 2003) and draw upon the growing body of theory and practice that has developed during the past 50 years as researchers have studied the nature and impact of the modern organization.