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Leadership Teach-In: May 29-31 2018, University of Minnesota

Announcing our first Leadership Teach-In: Resource exchange workshop for training sustainability leaders for Leopold leaders, graduate leadership program directors and fellowship program directors. Sessions will be organized around 3 themes:  program design, leadership skill training, and networking around topics of interest to participants. A special feature of the event will be the launch of leadership case studies that describe various dimensions of collective leadership.  8 Leopold fellows will share their "knowledge to action" narratives and engage with participants about how to teach the leadership component.  Save the dates!  Registration for the event will open in late January. 

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Celebrating Pam Matson's Contributions to Leadership Leopold Program

Thank you, Pam, for your brilliant leadership for over 15 years, contributing your vision, fund-raising savvy, and input on program design. Beginning in January Pam will be on leave from the Advisory Board in order to enjoy a well-deserved sabbatical year, having completed one of Stanford's longest standing deanships.

As the faculty director of Stanford Earth's new interdisciplinary master's program, Leadership for Sustainability, she will continue to champion sustainability science. In a recent interview, Matson described her vision for making knowledge-to-action a reality in the sustainability space: "... If we really want our knowledge to be seen as useful by decision-makers, I think we have to be in a conversation with them. We have to understand the world from their perspective and then make sure the research we’re doing is helpful to them. This requires a different kind of dialogue that goes beyond scientists simply doing research and then handing it off to decision-makers with the expectation that they’ll use it. It has to be more of a partnership, an ongoing conversation."

Watch Pam, in conversation with Chris Field, describe the key challenge facing scientists working toward a sustainable future: making knowledge available and useful to everyone.

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