land use

Laura Taylor

North Carolina State University, Professor, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, and Director, Center for Environmental and Resource Economic Policy

Jennifer Tank

University of Notre Dame, Galla Professor of Ecology, Department of Biological Sciences

Lisa Schulte Moore

Iowa State University, Associate Professor of Landscape Ecology, Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management

Joshua Lawler

University of Washington, Associate Professor, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences

Kevin Krizek

University of Colorado Boulder, Professor, Programs in Environmental Design & Environmental Studies

Claudio Gratton

University of Wisconsin - Madison, Professor, Department of Entomology

Jill Caviglia-Harris

Salisbury University, Professor, Economics and Finance Department & Environmental Studies Department

Jianguo (Jingle) Wu

Arizona State University, Professor, School of Life Sciences and Global Institute of Sustainability

Whendee Silver

University of California, Berkeley, Professor, Ecosystem Ecology

Karen C. Seto

Yale University, Professor of Geography and Urbanization, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies