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Fellows' Perspectives on Teaching across Disciplines: 2012 All Cohort Reunion Curriculum Resource Exchange


These resources on inter- and multidisciplinary graduate training were presented during the Curriculum Resource Exchange session at the 2012 All Cohort Reunion.

Chris Field: Interdisciplinary Problem-Solving. A collaboratory for postdocs & grad students to work on a real-world issue: mountain lions at Jasper Ridge

Karen Lips: Multidisciplinary Training in Environmental Sustainability including course descriptions & syllabus. Collaborative problem-solving course for business and biology students at University of Maryland

Science Communications Curriculum Resource Exchange: 2012 All Cohort Reunion


Resources for Science Communications presented at the Curriculum Resource Exchange session at the 2012 All Cohort Reunion.

Leah Gerber: 

• Environmental Leadership and Communication(Graduate seminar at Arizona State University)

Tom Hayden: 

• Better Communication through Collaboration (Project-based course at Stanford)

• Generation Anthropocene(Student-driven interview-based podcast series at Stanford)

Julia Parrish: 

• Science Communication Education at University of Washington

Reading list for courses in science and environmental communication


Matt Nisbet, Associate Professor at American University School of Communication, frequently presents science communications research to Leopold Leadership Fellows.  His reading list cited here is from his blog, ClimateShift.

You can find his presentations on our website: