Social media to reduce management burdens


Social media tools to help reduce administration and management burdens for course teaching (Also, visit the COMPASS Wiki site)

Preparing for DC meetings


Packet of workshop materials that include:

• Guidelines for setting up appointments in DC

• Presentation developed by Chad English on writing a one-pager and setting up meetings (2010 All Cohort Reunion)

• Guidelines for writing a one-pager

You may also want to look at the sample one-pagers from the 2009 cohort and the AAAS resource "17 Cardinal Rules for Working with Congress."

Media Communications Toolkit developed by COMPASS


This training package is brought to you by COMPASS and the Leopold Leadership Program. We hope it gives you the tools you need to lead a fun, interactive communications workshop or course for your students. The training begins with a brief overview of communications principles – things that we all take for granted but are worth reviewing. It then introduces the Message Box and the idea of tailoring your message for your audience. The training culminates with media interview scenarios. As you know from your personal experience with the scenarios, role-playing can be a powerful way to transform information into action. The package includes:

- Instructor’s Handbook
- Presentation

- The Message Box handout

- Interview Scenarios

- Interview Scenario Evaluation Forms

The content is extracted from Escape from the Ivory Tower: A Guide to Making Your Science by Nancy Baron, which provides additional context for the elements of the package.

*License: Attribution - No Derivatives

Sample one pagers


Sample one-pagers written by 2009 Fellows as part of a session facilitated by Chad English.