PMI-OPV technique


Techniques to bring new thinking and approaches into strategy-building and problem-solving: PMI-OPV (plus-minus-interesting, other point of view). Dawn Wright learned these techniques from Martin Bloxham of Barefoot Thinking during her Leopold Leadership training and customized them to share with her colleagues. See also her blog post on this topic.

Collaboration workshop handouts: 2012 All Cohort Reunion


Tools to facilitate meetings and/or collaborative project groups from 2012 All Cohort Reunion (website includes presentation slides)

  • PMI, a thinking tool devised by Edward de Bono (Plus, Minus, Interesting)
  • Design checklist
  • Facilitation tips

Leading change handouts: June 2011


Collection of handouts and materials used by Peter Redstone and Martin Bloxham during the June 2011 training (June training website includes the presentation slides and the facilitators' bios).

See also the packet of strategic thinking handouts.

Strategic thinking worksheets: June 2011


Handouts from the strategic thinking exercise presented during the June 2011 training by Martin Bloxham and Peter Redstone (website has presentation slides and facilitators' bios).

Handouts from the leading change sessions are also available (including HBDI, gearbox, mindmapping, and Switch).

Mindmapping handout


Handout from a 2010 All Cohort Reunion session facilitated by Peter Redstone and Martin Bloxham.  It is useful in multiple contexts:

• An alternative to brainstorming as a way for a group to explore a whole idea

• Structured decision-making

• Deconstructing or analyzing a problem: causes, stakeholders, symptoms, etc.

Tony Buzan, a creativity expert, is credited with originating the tool.