Advanced Training

Recognizing that Fellows link their knowledge to action in a wide range of settings, we are developing an advanced training program that will address needs of collaborators working in a specific context. Fellows will have an opportunity following their initial Fellowship year to select from a menu of advanced training options that best support the vision they formulated during the core training year.  The advanced training programs will focus on a specific skill or context that participants need to understand in order to integrate science into practice. The program options will fall into three categories:


In-depth skill development

These offerings will focus on a specific skill such as dialogue and negotiations, facilitating interdisciplinary teams, or leading a strategic planning initiative.  This category of training will be for Fellows only or for those researchers who have had significant prior leadership development experience and/or training.


• Integrating science into practice

These will be context-specific programs broadening participants’ understanding of an organization (legislative body, NGO, regulatory agency), or a geographic location (urban China, rainforests in the Amazon, Pacific Island nations). Non-Fellow participants will be welcome.


• Fellow-initiated programs

We anticipate that a Fellow (or group of Fellows) will propose specific topics for specific groups and act as champions for those ideas and follow through after the training. These offerings may be similar to research working groups but focus instead on solution building, i.e. planning a small- or large-scale transformation that links knowledge to action.