Meeting basic human needs while preserving Earth’s vital systems will require innovation from the local to global scales. To work effectively toward this end, leaders will need to work collaboratively with highly diverse groups to:

• create strategic visions and new paradigms for environmental problem-solving;

• catalyze action and bridge communities and disciplines;

• change patterns of behavior, processes, and key decision systems; and

• influence large-scale transformations.


Scientific research provides knowledge that is needed for innovations and breakthroughs for sustainability. The Leopold Leadership Program provides outstanding academic researchers with the skills, approaches, and theoretical frameworks for translating their knowledge to action and for catalyzing change to address the world’s most pressing sustainability challenges. It seeks to prepare Fellows to:

Engage in learning new skills and approaches for working collaboratively with partners to communicate and integrate science into practice, making a strong, positive impact on decision-making;

Model effective practices and engage students and colleagues in the use of new practices and knowledge gained from their Leopold Leadership training; and

Grow the Leopold Leadership Network and contribute to its collective knowledge-building, development of best practices, and sustainability.