2012 All Cohort Reunion Workshop - Engagement

Engagement: Strategies for transforming conflict into opportunity
How can academics share their expertise in a way that inspires conversation and engagement, rather than polarization and conflict? Breakthrough thinking most often comes from what initially seem to be dilemmas and paradoxes. The challenge is finding a way to let clear viewpoints surface while simultaneously “suspending” all the personal emotions and “stories” that are attached. As pressure increases to work across disciplines, sectors, and industries to find solutions to complex problems, engaging effectively and creating genuine understanding is the only way to move issues forward. 

During the workshop you will learn how to:
• Diagnose why a conversation or situation is “stuck” and what actions to take to shift it
• Use four levels of intervention for creating effective engagement 
• “Suspend your own story” in order to understand someone else’s

The tools and ideas that will be explored apply across a wide range of contexts and situations and can be used immediately in both personal and professional contexts. They are deliberately chosen to be easy to remember and practice so that by the end of the session participants will already have experience applying them.

Format: The workshop is interactive and will include individual reflection and group practice with the tools. We will look at specific case study work drawing from real life examples as well as provide time to create a concrete plan to share with others.

Facilitator:  Peri Chickering, Dialogos