2012 All Cohort Reunion Workshop - Collaboration

Collaboration: Tools to facilitate meetings and/or collaborative project groups
• Are you being asked to take a leading role in complex projects — multidisciplinary or multi-stakeholder?
• Do you need to organize and run key meetings and group sessions in demanding circumstances?
• Are you planning to develop a new project, initiative or group that might be challenging to lead?

All these situations call for facilitation, a skill that is increasingly in demand in academic settings but is rarely taught as part of academic training.

During the workshop you will learn how to:
   • Organize and facilitate successful meetings and group sessions
   • Use a variety of tools to support collaborative thinking and working
   • Apply these new practices

The goal is to help you make effective use of tools and approaches from the workshop in situations in your professional life—your research group, faculty meetings, collaborative projects, and multi-stakeholder engagements.

Format: This workshop uses a highly interactive, facilitative and supportive approach — we pay close attention to process in order to create opportunities for real experiential learning. You will take away tools that link knowledge to action, allowing you to put what you have learned into practice.

Facilitators:  Peter Redstone, Barefoot Partnership