2012 All Cohort Reunion - Outcomes & Presentations

• Update on strategic plan  - Pam Matson  

Resources from the Curriculum Exchange poster session


Workshop sessions and workshop exchange videos

Collaboration: Tools to facilitate multi-stakeholder and/or collaborative project groups




Video clip:  Jeff Dukes and Peter Alpert present one of the tools learned in the workshop.

Peter Redstone

Communication: Social media skills and a framework for using them


Presentation and resources (Log-in required. Follow the online instructions to request access. For any questions, contact Liz Neeley at lizneeley@compassonline.org .)

Video clip:  4 Fellows (Chris Field, Tom Sisk, Josh Schimel, and Luis Zambrano) share their perspectives.

Liz Neeley &

Meghan Miner

Engagement: Strategies for transforming conflict into opportunity




Video clip:  Participants teach the 4 Player system from workshop.

Peri Chickering

Innovation: Approaches to work creatively across disciplines


Stanford d.school bootcamp bootleg (Reference material)

Stanford d.school Virtual Crash Course video (Reference video)

Video clip:  Karen Lips provides an overview with additional commentary from David Lea, Karen Holl, and Jessica Hellmann.

Banny Banerjee &

Jackie del Castillo


• Generation Anthropocene interviews with Fellows:  Meg LowmanAndy HoffmanLeah Gerber, Luis Zambrano

• Gov. Jerry Brown conversation follow-up:  Fellows' letter   and Instructions for making a 2-minute video