2012 All Cohort Reunion - Curriculum Resource Exchange

Here's a list of resources presented at the Curriculum Resource Exchange session at the 2012 All Cohort Reunion:


Chris Field

Interdisciplinary Problem-Solving

 Postdocs & grad students serve as consultants (Mountain lions at Jasper Ridge)

Leah Gerber

Environmental Leadership and Communication

 Graduate seminar at Arizona State University

Tom Hayden

Better Communication through Collaboration

 Project-based course at Stanford

Generation Anthropocene

 Student-driven interview-based podcast series at Stanford

Jessica Hellmann

Mission Vision: Defining Your Research Group (blog / interview)

 Ideas to help motivate your research group and give them purpose and meaning

Karen Holl

Running a Departmental Retreat

 Tips to make meetings/retreats run most efficiently

Karen Lips

Multidisciplinary Training in Environmental Sustainability (course descriptions / syllabus)

 Collaborative problem-solving course for business and biology students at University of Maryland

Meg Lowman &

Nick Haddad

Nature Research Center at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

 A new big-scale innovative research center to inspire next generation of scientists

Liz NeeleySocial media tools to help reduce administration and management burdens for course teaching (Also, visit the COMPASS Wiki site)
Julia ParrishScience Communication Education at University of Washington